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Former FEMA Agent: COVID Tests Tag Host, Great Reset End Goal Fast-Tracked to 2025

According to former FEMA agent Celeste Solum, the COVID-19 tests are barcoding humans.

COVID-19 tests are tagging recipients in the first stage of The Great Reset’s plan to fuse biological life and robotics, says former FEMA agent Celeste Solum.

Solum, who attended the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting last January, outlined the details in a lengthy interview with David Icke last week.

During the 80-minute chat, Solum made numerous horrific claims about the reset, including:

  • COVID tests tagging recipients with a magnetic beacon
  • The Quantum Dot/Hydrogel vaccine is a plan for mass extermination
  • Agenda 2030 (aka Great Reset) is being fast-tracked to be fully in place by 2025

If this is the first you’ve heard about the plans to merge humans with computers, you can read Cyborgs: Great Reset Wants to Merge Us With Computers, Read Our Thoughts here. It’s not a conspiracy. The chairman of the World Economic Forum and front man for The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab openly admits this is one part of their plan.

According to Solum, that plan is now in motion.

“Anyone who has taken a COVID test, they have placed a magnetic beacon. You have been tagged. You have been barcoded,” said Solum in her interview with Icke. “This COVID situation is the first deployment of a construct, a new life form if you will. It is not a virus.”

“They have learned how, through evil technology, to fuse biological life and robotics. And the purpose of that for that is extermination.”

Solum is a former employee at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. She has years of experience and says she can show military documents outlining this plan. She said she is now trying to share her information of what she claims is an evil plan to transform human life.

Icke, who has been a leader in the anti-lockdown movement in the UK, suggested the plan is so insidious that most people cannot grasp the concept of it.

“I think it’s a difficulty that people have… to grasp just the scale of psychopathic freaking evil that we are dealing with,” said Icke. “People say ‘oh no, they’d never do that’. Well, they would, and they are.”

In her interview with Icke, Solum gives a detailed breakdown of decades of planning which have led to an insane 2020, dating all the way back to the first Asilomar Conference in 1975. This conference began the process of genetic engineering of organisms.

She highlights relevant conferences and organizations including the International Barcode of Life, a Rockefeller initiative to barcode all life on earth. She noted these plans have been in the works for decades but were just recently activated and are being fast-tracked to be in place by 2025.

“You can imagine my horror when in January, I went to the World Economic Forum and I saw all those plans and they had been operationalized,” said Solum. “So no longer were they on the shelf, no longer were they sitting in computers.”

“All the public leaders around the world were declaring that they were operationalized which means that they were activated.”

Solum then went on to describe that the Quantum Dot/Hydrogel vaccine promoted by Bill Gates not truly a vaccine, but an injection of tiny computer robots that are controlled by frequencies, notably 5G.

“What will happen with the vaccine is you get it injected into you and then it assembles,” said Solum. “It self assembles and then it swarms through your body.”

“It sucks out our moisture and our biological cells start to wither as it grows. And it grows and it grows and it grows… until we are no longer human. We are consumed, we are a node in the quantum computer and the biological self dies.”

“This is an extinction level event. No longer will any life form be pure.”

If you’re interested in researching more on these Celeste Solum’s claims, you can watch the video below and decide if you find her a credible source.

She gives significant background information on this plan which you can find by researching:

Written By

Ryan Craswell is a 2001 graduate of the Holland College Journalism Program in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He has worked in print media with The Eastern Graphic newspaper in PEI along with the Truro Daily News and Amherst Daily News in Nova Scotia. Ryan has also been an editor in online sports media but more recently has worked in marketing content. He created Free North News in October 2020 and is committed to delivering honest insight and news that the corporate, mainstream media fails to cover.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tree of Liberty

    November 27, 2020 at 6:21 am

    Listen brothers and sisters, there has been no better time in the history of Canada (and the world) for all of us to come together and watch:

    ‘V’ For Vendetta!!!!!!!

    There are so many important ideas and concepts, in this excellent movie that are paramount to the understanding of freedom….and tyranny for that matter. Unfortunately the authoritarianism we see in ‘V’, is uncannily similar to what we’re seeing right fucking now pretty much everywhere. Its being rammed in our faces and our minds if we don’t resist with all our might potentially in our bodies. Please, if you haven’t seen it watch it. If you have but haven’t seen it for some time, watch it again. It will not only help to light the fire of revolution in your soul, it will help you understand our current times and what must be done by the people to restore liberty.

    Forcing every single person to where a mask (or risk public shaming as Global TV and CBC have started doing), and making this normal in places like banks, gov buildings, grocery stores, parliament, etc. is a slippery slope for a corrupted government and assumes the public is going to be compliant and not say fuck you and chose to cover all our faces. What the fuck can the commies Karen’s (no disrespect to cool Karen’s) if you cover all of your face? Since I discovered the truth of CONVID 1984, I fucking refuse to where a mask but also understand than may not always be practical in the future. Also for some of you (if you say want to keep your fucking job or need to feed your children) may have little choice. I don’t judge anyone for that but do expect many of you to be pretty fucking sick and tired of mandates based on political dogma and commie virtue signaling. I say the patriots weaponize masks and use them to deny our data, identification and allow us to retain some dignity. When situation arise, to maintain our privacy and anonymity we wear our full patriot face covering. Also why not say fuck to their remote sensing data including collecting temperature reading of you forehead head and lidar scanning tech for upper face recognition. If they want me to wear a mask then fuck you this is what you get commies. For those time where your doing gods work and need total anonymity also make sure your cell phone (and any other device with a radio) is contained in a low profile faraday wallet (you can buy a decent one for $40).

    I suggest we implement a Guy Faux mask of sorts for the 2020’s that is a symbol of the resistance. Lots of talented people out there with great imaginations and 3d printers. And a final message for all the parasite complicit in allowing this mess to happen in our great country of Canada (and around the world). This include you Justin Trudeau, Freeland, Tam, Ford, and many, many others, you know who you are, a time will come when you will greatly regret ever fucking with us patriots.


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