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What’s Coming? Emergency Broadcast Test Gives Pause

Does a nation-wide Emergency Broadcast test signal a strict lockdown coming for Canadians?

Numerous readers sent me a letter last week that I instantly shunned but perhaps I shouldn’t have.

The letter was another alleged leak, a warning from inside the Liberal camp about upcoming lockdown restrictions.

Admittedly, I found the letter a bit over the top and assumed it was someone trying to cash-in on the success of the alleged leak from inside the PMO office. That letter went viral in October and is still getting thousands of reads daily.

This new letter claims that next week there will be military deployment with a 24-hour curfew where you can’t leave your home, police checkpoints, acceptable use of deadly force by military and a general breakdown of society in Canada.

Complete BS, right? But then I got an Emergency Broadcast test on my phone today. And a friend in Montreal got it. And friends in British Columbia got it.

Emergency Broadcast Test sent on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020

And I went back to the letter I swept aside last week. This letter mentioned that “on or around December 2nd the entire country will receive an emergency broadcast message regarding military deployment to all metro centres within Canada”.

Is this it? Is today’s broadcast test a clue they they are prepping for Martial Law in Canada? Over a virus where 98.5% of the deaths occurred in long-term care facilities?

Now I’m not disregarding those deaths. But the fact is, most Canadians have not been affected by this virus. The survival rate is high and pathologist Dr. Rob Hodkinson commented that this virus was nothing more than a bad flu.

It all leads me to one question. What are they planning next?

If you missed it, here’s a copy of the letter that made the rounds last week.

Written By

Ryan Craswell is a 2001 graduate of the Holland College Journalism Program in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He has worked in print media with The Eastern Graphic newspaper in PEI along with the Truro Daily News and Amherst Daily News in Nova Scotia. Ryan has also been an editor in online sports media but more recently has worked in marketing content. He created Free North News in October 2020 and is committed to delivering honest insight and news that the corporate, mainstream media fails to cover.



  1. Tree of Liberty

    November 26, 2020 at 6:24 pm

    Thanks Ryan,
    I looked into the above and for several reasons believe it may be an attempt to poison the well and discredit (for now to keep the general public from discovering the truth) the information contained in the first alleged leak submitted from the Proton Mail account ( in October. I believe the information in the first leak to be accurate. However, I find the information claimed in the so called second leak to be purposely false and implausible. Given the number of RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces, it would be logistically impossible to enforce an absolute lockdown of the scale claimed in the second so called leak. People are not going to sit in their houses and agree to starve to death. The resulting push back and revolution would obliterate the relatively small amount of military we have. To undertake something of this scale, millions of NATO troops would have to be utilized and correct me if I am wrong, we’re not seeing that level of mobilization.

    I believe for this evil plan to work, the cabal needs agreement and buy-in from the larger population. For all of us paying attention, we are seeing the largest propaganda measures every employed on a population. The brainwashing and indoctrination is truly off the charts. They need to establish full spectrum dominance in order to take down the west and depopulate us. They don’t have the resources to do this suddenly but will achieve their goals if they can spread out the chaos and death over a matter of months and then years.

    The validity of the information within the first leak from aligns with what we’re seeing right now. This includes the sudden surge in claimed ‘cases’ and absolute fear mongering by the gov controlled mainstream media. Also again we’re in lockdown (the 2nd one) and the lockdown measures are only getting worse.
    As part of my research into this matter, I have been monitoring RCMP procurement’s and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) movements, releases, etc. and have discovered the below Gov RFP (posted only two days ago on Nov 24th) for what appears to be overflow accommodations for staging a significant number of troops (Jan 2021 timeline) adjacent the Trenton Ontario Royal Canadian Air Force Base (RCAF) base. Annex A of the below RFP document shows mobilization of some 8500 troops to support Operation REASSURANCE which was initially establish in 2014 as a NATO support in Europe and Eastern Europe (See other links). Operation REASSURANCE initially deployed and maintained some 915 CAF members making it Canada’s largest international military operation. However, as you can see from the RFP below, the scale of this operation has suddenly increased by at least an order of magnitude if not more. The question is why and for what purpose? Furthermore, and even more troubling and confusing on the surface is the objectives of Operation REASSURANCE appear to have been recently revised with Operation REASSURANCE now taking instructions from the Canadian Forces Health Service Group (CFHSG). How does CFHSG have any input into what was initially setup as a NATO coordination effort in eastern Europe? This doesn’t make any sense unless this operation has been repurposed for government COVID measures here at home. Can anyone with CAF contacts or a CAF member provide input or insights to help validate this information?

    • Ryan Craswell

      November 26, 2020 at 6:32 pm

      Perfectly summed up again. I immediately called BS on the most recent letter because I can’t see the Police and Troops willingly doing that to Canadians. But, I was told by others that they’d be UN Troops. This, I find hard to believe too. I don’t think there will be a severe shut down to that scale. However, I do believe they were testing the broadcast system for something and it seems as if Trudeau is constantly pushing for provinces to lock people down. Hard to know what’s coming. And no-one trusts our government anymore. They’ve proven time and again, they are in it for themselves.

    • Anonymous

      November 27, 2020 at 8:56 am

      Thank you.
      Do write more. As Ryan said, you would be a great supplement to this website.

      I’m living in a nordic country, and I see that my government is even more of a puppet than yours (if possible).
      But yours is one step ahead, so I follow this website, because what happens in canada will happen here soon after.

      Keep it up ?

    • robert padley

      December 9, 2021 at 7:27 am


  2. annon

    November 26, 2020 at 9:12 pm

    Thank you for this post Ryan. The world is terrifying and I am getting more and more scared. I see people saying to stand up for our country of freedom but more and more time goes by and no action happens. I do hope that the Dec 2nd thing is not true as it makes my stomach churn. I pray that the original reset letter stays true and people still have a few months of freedom.

  3. Cheryl P Williams

    December 1, 2020 at 9:09 pm

    Obviously people in Canada are unnerved at the moment. Covid does make you feel things are spiralling out of control.
    However, I was amazed to see you cite the Melbourne lockdown as evidence. Have you even followed it up? I’m from Melbourne, Victoria. Yes it was a serious lockdown but most people supported it. It worked, our whole state is now covid free and has been for over a month, no active cases. It’s a great feeling. We are practically back to normal.
    Our government’s response (one initiative) is they are giving subsidies for home building to stimulate industry, so our covid lockdown certainly hasn’t led to a reset agenda mindset here of no ownership.
    There are no vast covid camps here or in NZ. Overseas arrivals go into compulsory hotel quarantine for 14 days, that is all.
    You can count NZ & Australia out of any reset by 2030.

    • Cindy Pultz

      December 2, 2020 at 4:11 am

      Cheryl, being covid free would feel great. My first thought is that it is back to being the flu though.. how would you know?

      • Laura

        December 3, 2020 at 3:03 pm

        Like any other virus it does not just disappear. The plague (Black Death and all the other names it has been given) from the Middle Ages is still around and people can get it. But it is rare. Covid won’t be gone just because cases aren’t being reported. But, Covid isn’t really any more threatening than the flu so in reality NZ is as Covid free as everywhere else.

        • Robbie Paris

          February 10, 2021 at 6:03 pm

          Hi Laura,

          In Ontario 11 employees of LTC homes have died of Covid. How many died of the flu in previous years?

  4. thomas macinnes

    December 15, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    got a think ! the farther you remove yourself from submittals to vaxx of any kind , the freer you become of (resets) of symptomatic flooz’. could be in er but some decade or so ago it was announced seasonal vaxx contributes to a shortened ‘longevity’ !! it was ‘Public news’

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