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The Kraken is a Cyber Warfare Program, Was Allegedly Operational Election Night

The Kraken is apparently a cyber warfare weapon that many claim has gathered the evidence President Donald Trump needs to overturn the election and incriminate the Deep State.

The Kraken is hacking and tracking Deep State agents in a mass cyber warfare initiative launched by the US Department of Defense. 

The program was also apparently unleashed long before attorney Sidney Powell threatened to release it. The Kraken was operating on election night according to well-connected American patriot and editor of NaturalNews, Mike Adams. 

“The Kraken is the code name of an intelligence community cyber warfare program that goes out and gathers information from other systems, monitors those systems, compromises them and essentially funnels information to DoD servers for future analysis” said Adams in his daily Situational Report podcast on Thanksgiving Day. 

“On election night, Trump and DoD members were in the SCIF and monitoring the election theft happening in real-time.” 

A SCIF (Senistive Compartmented Information Facility) is essentially a secure situation room. 

President Donald Trump all but confirmed the Kraken as cyber warfare program earlier this week when he retweeted this story by from The Marshall Report

Along with using the discovered information to prove the election fraud, the data gathered by the Kraken will apparently expose criminal Deep State operatives working to bring down America from within. 

“Trump has everything,” said Adams. “Trump’s got total proof of who was involved, the ballot stuffing, the ballot transportation, the late reprogramming of the machines with USB thumb drives and so on.” 

Adams noted that the DoD has now seized servers in three countries: Germany, Spain and Canada. This, along with Kraken data, gives the DoD hardware, servers, data transaction logs and more needed to prove the election theft. 

He says they’ve got more than enough evidence to keep Trump in office even if the courts don’t overturn the election because there is also a criminal element to the fraud. 

“This is bombshell information that is highly incriminating,” said Adams. “This is why Sidney Powell tweeted recently that Joe Biden should concede now before Biden is implicated in a criminal fraud.” 

“We haven’t seen much action yet on the criminal side but we will because the criminal interrogations are now underway and people are turning right now.” 

Adams was referring to the Deep State Shakedowns I reported on last week where it’s believed that there are numerous interrogations taking place over international waters and at black sites. 

If you’d like to watch Adams full situational discussing the Kraken and plenty more, I’ve included it below. Adams is tuned into the covert war taking place now in the USA and has daily updates which are worth checking out at either of his websites: and

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Ryan Craswell is a 2001 graduate of the Holland College Journalism Program in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He has worked in print media with The Eastern Graphic newspaper in PEI along with the Truro Daily News and Amherst Daily News in Nova Scotia. Ryan has also been an editor in online sports media but more recently has worked in marketing content. He created Free North News in October 2020 and is committed to delivering honest insight and news that the corporate, mainstream media fails to cover.

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